KETO / LCHF – The Journey begins…….

KETO / LCHF – The Journey begins……

This journey began a long time ago. I’ve been done the route of trying to lose excess weight for a long time. Attempts here and there and losing some and regaining it back over and over again. Years ago it was an easy thing to do, I was younger and weight coming off just seemed to come off with ease and not much effort put in to it. Over the years and 6 babies later, all grown adults now, grandchildren, post menopausal and well there you have it. Weight gain and it’s been hard to budge it off. I’ve done Weight Watchers to no avail. Their food guidelines were not the best looking back on it all. I tried THM / Trim Healthy Mama and time showed that their guidelines were not all that great and I wasn’t seeing enough evidence with in the Facebook groups I was in that everyone was having success with losing and keeping it off.

But lets back up………

Growing up I was very active. I either walked or rode my bike everywhere. Walked to school and back home every day. We had a good program in school with gym and swimming that was required, not an option to not do it. I rode my bike lots in the summer as I got older and often rode out to the lake to friends homes and we’d go swimming or we would meet over at the main beach and swim for hours.
When I was in 1st grade I got involved with our local school baton twirling lessons. We had lessons once a week after school and then during the summer leading up to the 4th of July Parade in town. Each and every 4th of July we got dressed in our black shorts, white short sleeved button up shirts, white socks and white tenner shoes. We got all lined up behind the Junior High School Band and we marched with them. All in time with each other to the beat of the drums and music and did some twirling.
When I entered Junior High / 7th grade I tried out for the B Team majorettes and was picked. B team majorettes marched with the Junior High Band in parades and performed at half time during hometown basketball / football and hockey games. 9th grade came around and I got chosen to be the head majorette for the B team.
Then in 10th grade I entered the Senior High School and joined the Majorette A team and we performed with the senior high band. Once again at all the home games but also out of town games. Plus local and out of town parades. When I entered my senior year I became the head majorette. Head majorettes lead the band in parades. So twice was a head majorette. Fun days to look back upon.

So I was very physically active growing up. Then marriage came along and so did 6 babies in just a little over a 10 year span. I still was active with 6 kids but weight crept on over time with hormonal changes and just not paying a whole lot of attention to what I was really eating. We were fairly good eaters in that we grew our own organic veggies off and on over the years. We ground our own whole wheat flour to make bread. We tried to have a healthy food lifestyle. We were apart of the organic gardening, flour mills and make your own bread generation of the 70’s and 80’s.

Fast forward not to where I am today……….

For the past couple of years I have looked at the Keto way of eating. But never was serious enough to do it. I did try as I mentioned about Trim Healthy Mama. It just wasn’t for me as time went by I found it to not be a very sustainable way of eating since there were so many limitations I did not agree with. I know there are many who do THM and they seem to like it, but I do not know many who have successfully continued on with it. The results just weren’t adding up.

So in the past few months I really delved into studying up on Keto. Even joined a many of the Keto groups out there. Many of them I left because I was seeing so much bad advice being given. I stayed in only 2 that were measuring up to what I considered sound advice. I read in them daily. I read all I could find online about Keto, books from the library also.

KETO truly is a sustainable way to loose weight, keep it off and continue on for life. I have read more testimonials on the results, photos to prove it works. And works well. Physical health issues reversed. Peoples lives restored with increased energy. Doctors telling their patients to keep doing it, your health is reversing for the good. I could go on an on about what I have read. It’s not just another diet, fad diet, passing diet that once you loose you stop and go back to eating like you always did. That just doesn’t happen. KETO is a game changer.

So I ordered a book to help guide me on this new journey. Keto is basically paleo / grain free and sugar free food lifestyle, but with a balance in how many carbs, protein and fats you need to eat daily. You eat fat to loose fat. You eat low carbs and moderate protein. We have all been duped into eating the Standard American Diet / SAD and following the FDA’s recommended dietary amounts and all it’s done is made a fat society with health issues that greater every day. Diabetes, heart disease, kidney failures, liver diseases, cancers…….. the list is long.

What book did I order you ask? “The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse” by Maria Emmerich (affilliate link) It’s chocked full of information to guide you and meal plans for the cleanse – meaning to kick start your body into removing all the sugar and toxins in your body. And jumping starting your body into burning all that excess fat you need to shed. Then move onto maintenance and a new level of great health.


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